Ever wanted to challenge yourself to exceed your limits? To conquer your greatest fears or to simply step out of your comfort zone? To those out there who live for adrenaline pumped moments, The Gravityz is a platform for you to elevate yourself to new heights, literally. The Gravityz facilitates activities that are out of the norm, considered by some to be extreme as it involves great heights. Yet, with great heights, come the privileges of great views and experiences. The Gravityz encourages everyone to build their confidence and to take a leap out of their comfort zone, hence our tagline: Beyond Confidence.

The Gravityz offers an experience that is out of this world as it features activities involving one of the best high-altitude sports platform in ASEAN; you will enjoy a breathtaking view comparable to an eagle eye’s view. So, what are you waiting for? The Magic only starts when you take the first step out of your comfort zone!












Starting with a confidence boost by walking through the pathway with your body facing outward, stay calm and breathe normally.


You should have gained some confidence from the previous path that allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy the astonishing view of the city.


Once you have conquered the first stage of inner-fears, you may now move on to the great bridge which requires extra confidence and concentration.


X point comes after the great bridge. Give yourself a pat at the back! Bravo!


Step ahead to experience the flying fox obstacle from here to the next façade. Try to spread your wings for optimum experience.


You are now arrived at the final obstacle challenge and here, is all about balancing. Lay down your body on the given platform and feel the easy breeze.



  1. Where is The Gravityz located at?
    The Gravityz is located on Level 65 @ The Top, Menara Komtar at Georgetown, Penang Island.
  2. What are The Gravityz's operation hours?

    Monday - Sunday
    10.00 am - 2.00 pm
    3.00 pm - 6.00pm

  3. What does The Gravityz's Ropes Course consist of?
    The Gravityz's Ropes Courses consist of 6 obstacles:
    1. Confidence Path
    2. High Bench
    3. A Great Bridge
    4. X-Point
    5. Z-wire
    6. G-Rocky
  4. Must the ticket(s) be booked beforehand?
    Yes. Refer to the section below for more information.
  5. What are the steps needed to book a ticket?
    Login to https://www.thegravityz.com/booking and follow the steps needed to book your desired visit date and time slot.
  6. If we book a ticket, when can we collect it?
    Upon confirmation of your payment, you will be assigned a booking number. Bring the number along on the day of your visit to Level 6 @ The Top, Menara Komtar to redeem your wristband.
  7. What forms of payment does The Gravityz accept?
    We accept payment via credit cards and debit cards.
  8. What are The Gravityz's ticket rates?

    Ticket rates may increase due to the upcoming holiday season or high demand. Therefore, we encourage you to book your tickets way in advance to grab your tickets at lower prices.

  9. What happens if I need to cancel my booking?
    Please see our cancellation policy in the Terms And Conditions page.
  10. What is the minimum height allowed in The Gravityz's Ropes Course?
    A participant's height should not be less than 100cm.
  11. What is the maximum weight allowed in The Gravityz's Ropes Course?
    A participant's weight should not exceed 70kg.
  12. What is the minimum age allowed in The Gravityz's Ropes Course?
    Participants should be 18 years old and above. Those under 18 must be accompanied by a paying adult.
  13. Do I have to be in good shape to participate in the Ropes Course activity?
    Yes, you should be in good health condition without any heart related diseases, high blood pressure, pregnancy, hypertension, Acrophobia etc.
  14. Is it safe?
    As with any outdoor activities, there is an element of risk involved. While all precautions have been taken and certification has been obtained, participants are required to follow safety regulations as stated in the Terms And Conditions as to ensure that safety is always maintained from time to time.
  15. What kind of safety measures are put in place during the Ropes Course activity?

    Each participant will be given a full body safety harness which is to be hooked onto a safety lanyard attached to the overhead safety line.

    All our safety equipment is Swiss and Italian made, with certification from the European Union and TUV.

  16. Will all participants be supervised during the Ropes Course activity?
    There will always be at least 1 Gravityz Crewz (Instructors) accompanying the participants during the activity as well as to provide guidance and assistance.
  17. What is the duration of the Ropes Course activity?
    The activity will take about 60 minutes to complete. The activity consists of the Preparation Phase (20 min), the Safety Briefing Phase (10 min) and the Actual Trail Challenge Phase (30min).
  18. What kind of clothing should participants wear during the activity?
    Participants are encouraged to wear proper sports attire.
  19. Do the staff members have any certification?
    Our staff are trained and equipped to work at great heights. They have been given the necessary safety and first aid training.
  20. Is it okay to bring along camera equipment (eg: GoPro, DSLR) during the Ropes Course activity?
    Effective from 1st January 2019, there will not be anymore onsite photo taking session by staff members. If you would like to take pictures, phone pouches will be sold at RM10 per piece to enable self photo taking. Additionally: any GoPro/ Action cameras are allowed under the circumstances that it must be strapped on at all times.
  21. Are there any discount for group participants?
    Participants in groups of 10 are entitled for discounted admissions. This must be scheduled by minimum 2 weeks in advance. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Department at info@thegravityz.com
  22. Can we organise school tours?
    For academic individuals such as students and teachers, you can organise official school tours by sending in your official letters to info@thegravityz.com
  23. If I want to observe from the indoors, am I allowed to follow my family/friend who has The Gravityz ticket?
    The Gravityz ticket and observatory tickets are two seperate tickets. An observatory ticket is available from The TOP ticket counter, it only available from Tuesday - Sunday 11.00 am - 2.00 pm, 3.00 pm - 7.00pm. Therefore, if The Gravityz ticket holder is for the course time of 11am, observing will only be allowed when TheTOP ticketing counter opens.


Price and Payment

The ticket rates shown on our website are correct at the time of publication, however The Gravityz reserves the right to change the ticket rates without any prior notice.

  • Walk-in customers may participate in the activity but are subjected to the availability of slots. In such cases, payment shall be made to The Gravityz’s customer service counter before commencement of the activity.
  • In order to guarantee a place on the activity time slot, it is highly recommended that all tickets should be purchased online before coming

Ticket Purchase Confirmation

The Ticket Purchase Confirmation will be provided via e-mail upon successful payment made on the website.

Code of Conduct during the Activity

Each group will depart for the activity every 1 hour. The Participant is advised to respect the time allocated to his or her Ropes Course activity in order to avoid any delay to other users or groups. The Gravityz reserves the right to reject any person or group who missed their allotted time slot due to late arrival. No refund or compensation will be made in such circumstances.


Any error in the booking confirmation shall be made known to The Gravityz immediately. No changes in the booking will be allowed without prior written consent from The Gravityz.

Ticket Cancellation

  • Less than one (1) week before activity day: NO refund and NO rescheduling.
  • Less than three (3) weeks but more than one (1) week before activity day: NO refund but rescheduling will be provided, subject to availability of empty slots.
  • More than three (3) weeks before activity day: 100% refund or rescheduling but subject to availability and can be done only once.

The Gravityz reserves the right to cancel any booking without assigning any reason and in such event, The Gravityz will use all its reasonable endeavor to inform the Participant of such cancellation. The Participants shall be entitled to a full refund but no other compensation shall be payable for any losses, directly or indirectly incurred from such cancellation.

Whilst every attempt is made to ensure that all activity slots run as scheduled, The Gravityz reserves the right to cancel the activity slots for reasons beyond the control of The Gravityz, which include but are not limited to thunderstorms, lightning, high winds, extreme weather conditions or in the interest of safety. In such an event, no refund, whether in part or in full, shall be made to the Participants. The Gravityz may, at its sole discretion, offer an alternative date or time to carry out the activity.


Health Requirements

To participate in The Gravityz’s Ropes Course activity, you should be in good health condition without any heart related diseases, high blood pressure, pregnancy, hypertension, Acrophobia etc.

Use of Drugs and Alcohol

The Gravityz strictly prohibits the use of drugs and alcohol in the attraction and has the right to refuse admission as well as remove participants from the activity if it is reasonably believed that the individual is under the influence of drug and/or alcohol.


All Participants shall be responsible for ensuring that they themselves are dressed appropriately, in a manner that enables them to participate in the Rope Course activity at the premise safely.

The Gravityz will not be responsible for any damage or loss of clothing or any other personal items of as a result of participating in the activity or while being in the premise.

The following dress code shall be observed:

  1. No sandals or slip-off shoes. Ankle supporting shoes are recommended.
  2. Long hair must be tied back.
  3. Body piercings shall be removed or properly taped over for safety.
  4. Loose clothing, dangling items, jewellery, straps and all head outfits (used for religious purposes) shall be properly and neatly kept.
Usage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

All Participants are required at all times to wear PPE provided only by The Gravityz during the conduct of the activity. No other external PPE can be used in the premise.

Types of PPE

The Participants will each be provided with the following PPE:

  1. Fullbody Safety Harness
  2. Saferoller® Hi/Pa Lanyard HiRope 2
  3. Saferoller® Care – Carebiner Pin Lock
  4. Saferoller® II Trolley Saferoller 2 Silent with Swivel
Briefing and Demonstration of Use of PPE

All Participants will undergo a safety briefing and demonstration from The Gravityz’s Crewz. No Participant will be allowed to continue with the activity until he or she can demonstrate sufficient competence with the PPE to the satisfaction of The Gravityz’s Crewz.

Refusal to allow admission or participation

The Management of The Gravityz has the right to refuse admission or participation to any group or individual who fails to observe any of the instructions as provided in this rules and regulation or fails to meet the activity requirements.

General Behaviour

All Participants are required to act responsibly and courteously at all times and to respect other Participants and Crewz.


The Gravityz acknowledges that even under the safest conditions of practice, there exist some degree of inherent risk and hazard in its activities which are beyond the reasonable control of The Gravityz, its officers and employees. The Participants thereby agree to assume the risk in relation to the usage of The Gravityz’s facilities by signing the “Disclaimer Form” during the booking for the Ropes Course activity.

The Gravityz is insured under Public Liability law.

Operating Hours

The Gravityz opens daily from 10am to 6pm.


All Participants are required to place their loose items and personal belongings into a locker for safekeeping. This is to prevent participants from losing their items while undergoing the Rope Course activity at The Gravityz.

Lockers require an additional fee for usage.